“Presentation is the ‘Killer Skill’ we take into the real world. It’s almost an unfair advantage.”

– The McKinsey Mind

Powerful Presentations!

The next workshop will be on

Friday 7 October 2022

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Why attend?

What makes the Powerful Presentations! course completely different from all other presentation skills training courses? The focus is on encouraging participants with positive feedback. You will develop the confidence to deliver your message powerfully!

The course will:

  • focus on giving you practical experience and positive feedback to help you develop your presentation skills quickly and easily

  • teach you how to influence and persuade your audience

  • give you a confidence boost when presenting and in your life generally

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants a competitive edge in their career by learning to present professionally and with confidence.

  • Whole teams: great for building relationships and trust within teams.

How much is the investment?

The cost is €495 + VAT (BTW) per person and will take one day. Lunch and drinks are provided.

How can I be sure this is a quality workshop?

The average score is: 9.5! Check out the Testimonials page!

What happens on the course day?

Each person will present six times on the day! Throughout the day there will be positive feedback provided by the other participants and course leader (Mark Robinson).

There will also be:

  • live examples

  • videos

  • stories and

  • lots of improvement tips  and ideas to tell your story in a new and interesting way

Topics include:

  • How to start and end your presentation

  • How to prepare and structure your presentation

  • How to build your confidence in presenting

The course will be limited to 10 participants to ensure everyone gets plenty of attention and feedback.

How do I prepare?

  1. Prepare a five minute presentation to present to the group. Check out the TEDx video for tips in advance.
  2. Bring your phone if you want your before and after presentations to be recorded.

Kan de cursus ook in het Nederlands gegeven worden? (Can the course also be given in Dutch?)

Natuurlijk! (Of course!)

“Practical, fun, empowering.”

– Marco Peters –

“Day was inspiring from beginning to end.”

– Bart van Leuken –
TMC Employeneur

“Practical, fun, empowering.”

– Marco Peters –

“Day was inspiring from beginning to end.”

– Bart van Leuken –
TMC Employeneur